Validating software

Ofni Systems’ goal in all software validation projects is to improve the quality, value, and compliance of your computer system.

We use our proprietary tool Fast Val to write validation documentation and execute Testing Protocols, which allows us to complete validation projects in 70% less time than traditional validation methods.

Verification is a process of evaluating the intermediary work products of a software development lifecycle to check if we are in the right track of creating the final product.

Now the question here is : What are the intermediary products?

• Test that the software meets the business requirements and is fit for use.• Validate that the products and its components are suitable for environment.

Design Specifications describe how the database accomplishes the functional requirements.

Ofni Systems uses proprietary tools to analyze your system or database to create comprehensive design specifications.

We focus more of our time on testing your software and less time preparing documentation.

Ofni Systems will perform risk assessments to focus the validation effort on the most appropriate sections of your system.

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