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The couple — both registered teachers in their homeland — chose Korea over Japan in part due to Simon’s experiences teaching Korean students in Toronto. ” For Simon and Martina, a video blog was the easiest way to alleviate their families’ concerns about international travel.

“When I was teaching in Toronto I remember being amazed because I taught at a high school in Canada as well as a Korean learning center and the Korean students at the center were angels. Eat Your Kimchi, which now tows almost a quarter million followers worldwide, started with a video featuring the couple eating a dish of sundubu jjigae, a spicy tofu stew.

These new fans were pining for news and information about their favorite stars and singers. It has grown to play a key role in this market for English-language Korean Wave news.

Every week the website produces three to four videos detailing various aspects of Korean culture, life in Korea and information about K-pop. Eat Your Kimchi is now the top source of information on K-pop in English.

The rise of Eat Your Kimchi Eat Your Kimchi started humbly enough.

Founded in 2008 by recent newlyweds Simon and Martina, who hail from Toronto, Canada, the website began as a simple travel blog detailing the weird and wonderful adventures the couple had found for themselves in Korea.

Not only will you learn all there is to know about this culinary art and it's history, you will also have the opportunity to eat and compare your noodles to his in a very unfair contest.

But not only is he a Master in Soba, he is also kind of a local celebrity, known for his history, and his jokes by local and national TVs and even the famous You Tubers, Simon and Martina from abroad (Search for "Soba")!

Although they had been interrupted several times during their video production, they never responded with anything less than absolute friendliness.

“We’ve had people come up to us almost crying and asking for a hug. “I grew up under the impression that a celebrity is someone who is immensely rich and immensely talented at something, like Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson, and we don’t have any talents.

We just make goofy videos.” Interestingly, most of their popularity doesn’t originate in Korea.

It is more than riding the coattails of K-pop’s success overseas; it has played a part in making Korean music accessible for international audiences, too.

The videos they produce for their website have regular viewers from 187 countries.

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