Rose mcgowan dating robert rodriguez

'The reason was that Harvey didn’t work on my movies, I made movies all those years for Dimension and Bob Weinstein.'So I explained that if I cast her in my next film, Harvey couldn’t suddenly tell me no, because my first question would be “Oh, really? ” And I was sure he would not want to tell me why.'The filmmaker said that he offered to write Rose 'a BAD A** character' in the Grindhouse 'and make her one of the leads.'I wanted her to have a starring role in a big movie to take her OFF the blacklist,' he said, 'and the best part is that we would have Harvey’s new Weinstein Company pay for the whole d*mn thing.' Power move: Rodriguez said he cast Mc Gowan in Grindhouse, in part, 'to take her OFF the blacklist' Weinstein place her on in the wake of their legal settlement years earlier.

He was snapped in NYC in April Rodriguez said that he subsequently 'saw Harvey walking around the party,' adding that the producer's 'face dropped and went ghostly white' when he saw him sitting with Mc Gowan.

Mc Gowan wrote that Rodriguez used his knowledge of the alleged rape against her in a "Grindhouse" scene in which Quentin Tarantino, Rodriguez denied Mc Gowan's claims in a statement to Business Insider on Thursday.

He said there were "some key factual errors" in the Vanity Fair story and Mc Gowan's account, including that Weinstein's Dimension Films had already begun funding "Planet Terror" at the time of shooting.

In preparing for the release of her tell-all book "Brave," Mc Gowan told Vanity Fair in a lengthy interview that Rodriguez used the information about her alleged 1997 rape by Harvey Weinstein against her while shooting his half of 2007 pulp horror movie "Grindhouse," a double feature Quentin Tarantino also directed a film for.

Rodriguez knew The Weinstein Company would "never let this project go to another studio," adding that it "felt like the right move to make at the time – to literally make him pay." At the same party, the two actually ran into Weinstein, who Rodriguez says "dribbed all over himself" gushing about how great she was as an actress.

"His face dropped and went ghostly white," the director said, "I knew right then that every word Rose told me was true, you could see it all over his face." The movie ended up being a box office bomb, making only .4 million against it's million budget.

Rodriguez now blames Weinstein, saying "To our horror, Harvey buried our movie anyway, and because we did not want to risk getting sued, we never spoke publicly about the matter." Despite its failure and the toll the movie took on Rodriguez's personal life, he doesn't regret it in hindsight.

"I wanted to come forth to say that no matter the consequences, no matter how far you have to stick your neck out, no matter what you have to lose, that we must fight the good fight," he said in conclusion, "Everyone has to make a stand and take action." Mc Gowan and Rodriguez dated from 2006 to 2009.

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