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Dry Fruit & Nut Modak Recipe is a festival sweet dish made in central in North India.

This is completely made from dry fruits and due to addition of dates in the recipe, you do not need to add any more sweetener to the dish.

Mostly they are filled with artificial flavors and colours, but still we never used to know or care about those facts, just enjoyed it.

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Dry Fruit & Nut Modak Recipe also can be served for an after school snack for kids, along with a Chaat Style Mashed Potato Toasted Sandwich Recipe and Chocolate & Orange Smoothie with Pea Protein Recipe.

Put a spoon of filling in the center and seal the corners by pressing. Once the water eveporates and the sesame crackles, switch off the flame and let it cool for a while.

Once it is absolutely cool, powder it along with jaggery and use it as filling for kolukattai. Once it turns goden brown switch off the flame and let it become absolutely cool.

This one is just like a ziploc, fill it upto the line given as guidance, you can even write the flavor and date you fill using a marker.

I made strawberrry lemonade ice pops, watermelon ice pops, orange and grape ice pops.

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