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Connecting People and Real Estate Bookmark Share SA National Realtors (NRG) established operations in November 2011.

With their combined real estate and marketing experience since 1990, they love property and what propety represents : SECURITY and ST...

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The hostel has a reputation for making you feel welcome and is enthusiastically run by the owners, their managers and staff. You'll find safe clean and comfortable offering a true African experience and South African hospitality. One of the older buildings in the Central area with the atmospheric charm of rich, warm, gleaming wood floors, windows and doors.Or you can pull on your takkies( cross trainers) and trap (stomp) on down to nearby coffee shops, traditional African restaurants, pubs, banks, 24 hour grocery shops, antique shops, art museums and galleries, the local swimming pool, horticultural gardens, nightspots or jazz clubs, and the beach is only 10 minutes away by car. Then you can walk to the beach and on the way visit some of the older buildings, stop at the Arts and Curio centre, Wezandla, for a coffee, then onto the South End Museum, with it's story of the forced evictions, and eventually reach the beachfront.The bottom garden and most of the rooms overlook a green belt and guinea fowl, other birds and rock hyrax (dassies) visit set in the heart of the old historical heart of Port Elizabeth and right on the Donkin Heritage Walking Trail.Here you can walk amongst the many old buildings of yesteryear marveling at the fine architecture and history of the time .

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