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Her father, Owen Turner (Lee Ross), was an abusive alcoholic; Denise left him and restricted his contact with Libby.

Libby secretly contacts him and he starts making demands to see her.

Libby turns eighteen and Owen, who is still in prison, contacts her by sending her a birthday card and asking Libby's grandmother, Liz Turner (Kate Williams), to arrange a meeting.

Denise is reluctant to allow this, but Owen seems to have changed, and Libby is keen for her parents to get back together; Denise is swayed and sleeps with Owen.

However, as soon as Owen begins drinking again, he becomes abusive and hits her.

Libby becomes furious and confides in Tamwar with whom she is in the process of starting a home tutoring business.

Darren becomes jealous, but eventually reconciles with Libby and begins thinking about starting a sexual relationship with Libby.

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