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The game is based on the graphic novels of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard; it was developed by Telltale Games as is Season 2.In March 2013, Telltale announced that The Walking Dead will be ported to the Play Station Vita, later revealed in June 2013 to be a retail release, including a special Vita bundle package that would include the game, the "400 Days" episode, and additional content.Lee meets a family, consisting of husband and wife, Kenny and Katjaa, and their young son, Duck.After failing to save Shawn from walkers, Lee, Clementine and Kenny's family are banished from the farm.Lee is forced to kill his reanimated brother in order to retrieve the keys.

The 'Game of the Year' disc edition was released for Play Station 4 and Xbox One on October 14, 2014.

Lee finds a battery-less video camera among her possessions.

Still uneasy about the farm, Lee and Kenny discover a butchering room in the back of the barn before they are called for dinner.

On the way back, the group finds an abandoned car with food and other supplies, including batteries. Johns, the bandits have turned their attention to the motel, and Kenny expresses an urge to move on using an RV he has fixed up.

Lee watches the video from Jolene's player, and finds she had been watching the motel, knowing that the group was safe as long as the St. Through Lilly, Lee discovers someone has been slipping the bandits medical supplies.

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